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Southern Nevada Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Medical marijuana dispensaries will soon be opening in Nevada, and up to 39 of them can be located right here in Southern Nevada. On November 3, 2014 the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health issued 55 provisional medical marijuana dispensary certificates and most of them were allocated to southern Nevada. The top 12 rated applications from Las Vegas, top 4 from North Las Vegas, top 5 from Henderson, and the top 18 from Clark County can now proceed with their local jurisdictions. Unincorporated Clark County seems to have the most problems with discrepancies between local and state approvals, but they better move fast to keep up with the pace of the other local governments. Medical marijuana dispensaries are opening up in Nevada !

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Application

Our 4640 Dispensary application was denied at the County level and our proposed facility will not be opening anytime this year. It was a long and arduous process but well worth the effort for knowledge and experience.

After submitting application and making presentation at the Clark County Government Building on June 5, we did not receive enough votes to proceed, placing us among the ranks of many other prominent individuals who were denied at the county level. 18 medical marijuana dispensary applications were approved in Clark County and moved on to the state process. The city of Henderson, city of Las Vegas, and city of North Las Vegas initiated their processes, and applicants from those areas also moved on to the state level.

Over 500 proposed medical marijuana cultivation, laboratory, and dispensary establishments have applied to the State of Nevada, and the results are expected to be released November 3 – November 5, 2014.


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