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Happy Thankful Dog

This is daKota Blue on the right.  He is less than a year old and has been diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia, knee problems, elbow problems, and other orthopedic issues.  In less than a year, he has undergone 3 surgeries and takes Glucosamine and Chondroitin to support his joints and cartilage.  He has been given Tramadol and Carprofen separately to deal with pain and inflammation and was scheduled to take medication for the rest of his life.   daKota Blue was one drowsy puppy, but you can’t tell by looking at this Vine video. He now uses medical marijuana instead of drugs that would have destroyed his liver and kidneys.  Does marijuana even work on animals? You bet it does! Cannabinoid receptors have been identified in most mammals, birds, amphibians, and even some species of fish. daKota Blue uses marijuana to control pain, arrest inflammation, and maintain a healthy appetite.  He doesn’t smoke, vaporize, or swallow tinctures, but he eats baked treats with plain organic ingredients and Canna butter. Now his life is full again, and he takes regular trips to parks, lakes, and rivers. daKota Blue is a happy, thankful dog living in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He still has to be limited on the amount of exercise he can enjoy with the other dogs in his pack, but his life has improved tremendously.  Check him out on Vine @  Canna Consulting on Vine

Canna Consulting Services in Las Vegas, Nevada provides information and education on the legal use of Medical Marijuana.

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