Licensing Application – Startup Packet:

We will order a Nevada Medical Marijuana application for you and mail you a Physician Referral form. Upon receipt of the signed form, we will fill out the application for you, provide notary service, fingerprinting service, and explain the Nevada Medical Marijuana program. There will be a $110.00 Consultation Fee for this appointment, and you will need to bring a $150.00 check or money order made payable to Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health.

Order a Startup Packet: $60.00


Individual and group classes are available.

We also offer FREE in-service presentations for health care facilities.


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Specializing in Hydroponic set up and maintenance.

Hourly, weekly, and monthly rates available.


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Education and assistance with the conversion of raw material into butter, oil, and tinctures.


Education and assistance with the production and use of topical ointments and creams.

Commercial Services:

Business setup/compliance consultations, hydroponic setup, security recommendations, and long/short term maintenance options.

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Private Consultation (In Person): $55.00/hour

Private Consultation (Skype/Google Hangout): $40.00/hour