Recent Changes in Marijuana Laws

On November 5, 2013 Ferndale, Jackson, and Lansing, Michigan voters approved the decriminalization for personal possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana.  Ferndale approved the measure by 72% !  but don’t get caught with medical marijuana extractions in Michigan because People vs Carruthers published in July, 2013 set a precedent that excludes extractions from protections afforded to usable medical marijuana.  Let’s hope that gets quickly overturned or another case gets tried which could set that record straight.

Portland, Maine voters passed Question 1 on Nov 5 with 70% approval to decriminalize possession of up to 2 ½ ounces of marijuana for anyone over 21 within their city limits.  In other parts of Maine, penalties for possession of up to 2 ½ ounces are strictly civil fines.  Maine passed laws allowing for  the use of medical marijuana in 1999 and passed additional initiatives in 2009 which allows for medical marijuana dispensaries.  Sound familiar ?  Let’s hope Nevada proceeds in a similarly successful manner.

In New Jersey, Governor Christie signed a bill on Nov 5 which allows dispensaries to now grow more than 3 strains of marijuana and allows them to produce marijuana edibles – but only for sale to legal guardians of children and under the guidance of two physicians.  Governor Christie vetoed the elimination of the 2 physician requirement for patients under 18.

Proposition AA passed on Nov 5  in Colorado allows for a 25% tax on the legalized sale of marijuana for recreational use.  Millions of additional tax dollars for the state can now flood in.  15% will be allocated for school construction and 10% for regulation, prevention, and abuse education.  This increase in revenue is in addition to current taxes being collected for medical marijuana sales in Colorado.  11 other cities and 1 county also imposed additional local taxes on the sale of marijuana for recreational use.  The 25% tax increase for the recreational use of marijuana at current prices would add approximately $50 to the $200 per ounce average price.   The Colorado Legislative Counsel estimates almost $70 million annually in new revenues from this additional 25% tax.  That calculates to an additional $280 million in marijuana sales  for recreational use every year.   Colorado will collect large sums of money for the combined medical and recreational use of marijuana and this legalization and taxation of marijuana in Colorado could set a great example for other states to follow.

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